Sometimes, Distraction Is a Choice

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Over and over as the chasm between conservative, centrist, and progressive factions within the United Methodist Church has been growing, the word that keeps being thrown around over and over is: "Distraction." On both sides of the theological aisle, churches have left with "the distraction of the continued debate … Continue reading Sometimes, Distraction Is a Choice

WCA Leaving Regardless? It Seems Possible

I have not been very quiet about my issues with the Wesleyan Covenant Association ever since I realized their tactics. Recently, I met with someone who is high in the WCA leadership at the conference leadership and we had a nice long chat over coffee. I do appreciate his willingness to meet with me and … Continue reading WCA Leaving Regardless? It Seems Possible

On Blame and History

Yesterday, a sister in Christ and clergy colleague shared a link to a blog post regarding the upcoming Judicial Council decision regarding the election of Bishop Karen Oliveto at the last Western Jurisdictional Conference. Bishop Oliveto's election is being contested due to her being a married lesbian, which is against the Book of Discipline of the United … Continue reading On Blame and History

UMC General Conference: Rumors and Games

I am not at the United Methodist Church's General Conference in Portland, Oregon but I have been watching through social media and the video stream when I'm able. It has been stressful to watch so much fighting among people who I greatly respect and even admire. Today has, by far, been the worse. It all … Continue reading UMC General Conference: Rumors and Games