Worship Wars: Christmas Day Edition

The last time Christmas Day fell on a Sunday was in 2016 and I remember the appalling feeling I had when churches began to announce that they were canceling their worship services for that week. The reason most often given was to allow parishioners and staff to spend time with their families. I was shocked … Continue reading Worship Wars: Christmas Day Edition

A Question Disaffiliating Churches Should Be Asked

Photo by Olya Kobruseva on Pexels.com On Sunday, the General Conference delegation from Mississippi hosted a webinar where they presented the actual facts about disaffiliation and the hopes of those who wish for the UMC's stance on human sexuality to change, those who want to change our stance to remain the same, and the hopes … Continue reading A Question Disaffiliating Churches Should Be Asked

Online Ministry is Ministry

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a major shift in the ways churches conducted their ministries. Congregations that had been doing some form of online ministry (such as any congregation I've been appointed to - every single one has been engaged online in some form or another) suddenly had to increase their activity out of necessity. Likewise, … Continue reading Online Ministry is Ministry

Yes, There is False Information Being Spread About the UMC. Here’s Proof:

In my last post, one of the things I harped on was the spread of misleading and false information about the UMC being conducted by people connected with the Global Methodist Church/Wesleyan Covenant Association. Below is a prime example of what I'm talking about: This is petty and ridiculous. While I do not know exactly … Continue reading Yes, There is False Information Being Spread About the UMC. Here’s Proof:

Disaffiliation: What About the Rural Church?

Photo by Eric Smart on Pexels.com As the United Methodist Church has fully entered the annual conference session season, much of the talk has been about churches choosing to disaffiliate from the UMC. While there are exceptions such as Mt. Bethel in the North Georgia Annual Conference, many of the churches choosing to leave under … Continue reading Disaffiliation: What About the Rural Church?

Sometimes, Distraction Is a Choice

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com Over and over as the chasm between conservative, centrist, and progressive factions within the United Methodist Church has been growing, the word that keeps being thrown around over and over is: "Distraction." On both sides of the theological aisle, churches have left with "the distraction of the continued debate … Continue reading Sometimes, Distraction Is a Choice

The New Worship Wars

Photo by Donald Tong on Pexels.com I remember several years ago that one of the big churchy buzzwords (or maybe "buzz term" would be more appropriate) was worship wars. Basically, this was a term used to describe the struggles many congregations faced about traditional versus contemporary music in their worship services. Many churches opted to … Continue reading The New Worship Wars