The EMS Military Industrial Complex

2000px-star_of_life2-svgWhen I was a paramedic, I noted a very disturbing trend among EMS providers that seems to have only worsened since I hung up my stethoscope. A lot of providers were getting themselves confused with the police and military medics. While some of the clothing is akin to police and military – and this truly is out of necessity… for the most part – there is also a very hard line between EMS providers and law enforcement. EMS is a medical profession, at least that’s what EMS is supposed to be. EMS providers working in a given county are not law enforcement and are not the military and should not act like they are.

Many EMS providers already seem to think they need tactical pants, tactical boots, tactical flashlights, tactical shirts, tactical jackets, tactical socks, tactical hats, tactical underwear… Yeah, it’s as ridiculous as it sounds. Some EMS providers even want to be able to carry firearms while on duty (something that I am adamantly opposed to except in some very specific situations such as taking part in a raid as a SWAT medic). But now, we have a new tacticool item.

Enter the tactical ambulance.

BusinessWire has announced that ambulance manufacturer REV Group is now marketing a tactical ambulance. “The REV Guardian, an ambulance wrapped in Level IIIA ballistic protection with run flat tire inserts.” The vehicle is painted a subdued black/gray color (which is against design regulations in several states, including Mississippi) and sports such features as bulletproof glass and a Kevlar wrapping around the entire vehicle. As it is, the average ambulance before any equipment is placed in it is around $150,000 so you can bet your next paycheck that this unnecessary monstrosity probably costs at least double that.

The continued militarization of EMS disturbs me to no end. As it is, EMS providers are often placed in more peril because of already resembling police officers due to their uniforms and a vehicle such as this will do nothing but increase the divide between patient and provider. Experience tells me that if a patient thinks that an EMT or paramedic is a cop, they will not be honest with the provider about drug use, alcohol use, etc. out of fear of being arrested. EMS is fighting to be recognized as a medical profession and many – thankfully – are fighting to increase educational standards for licensure. This continued desire to become more like our brothers and sisters in blue by responding to a nursing home transport in an armored troop carrier has no place with such endeavors.

If one wants to be a cop, that’s fine but they should join the police force and not the EMS.

“But what about provider safety? The EMTs should be protected!” My friend Justin Schorr – AKA “The Happy Medic” – refutes this argument nicely.

Ambulances aren’t getting shot up. Send in one of those fancy military grade trucks PD is buying up. No need for a reclined cot van with those features. None. It would make as much sense to have a mailman with this level of protection. They’re riding the Tacticool wave.

Gotta love when a company takes advantage of mass hysteria and engages in fear mongering for profit.

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