navigate_crop380wFor those of you who follow me and/or my wife on social media, you know that we will soon be relocating from Mississippi to Kentucky. If you don’t follow us on social media, well, I guess you just found out.

I know that a lot of people have questions about why we’re doing this, will we come back and other things. Our friends can certainly continue to ask these questions but I would also like to answer some of those questions here. I suppose this is some what of a F.A.Q.

First off, the reason we are moving is because I have chosen to attend Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, Kentucky where I plan to earn a Master of Divinity degree. This is necessary in order for me to pursue ordination in the United Methodist Church. Fulfilling ordination requirements is not my only motivation. I love learning more about God and His word so seminary will enable me to do that. I want to ensure that what I preach is truly correct. While the Holy Spirit certainly leads, seminary education can be used in leading as well.

Some have asked if we are moving because of Hannah’s death. Simply, the answer is no. We have been planning this move for almost two years so Hannah’s death had nothing to do with our decision. We would have moved regardless.

We are planning to come back to Mississippi after I finish school. If I finish in the Fall we will stay until the following June in order for Jessica to finish her teaching contract and for me to finish my church appointment. As for where we will be living when we return to Mississippi, that is really up in the air. That will be determined by where the cabinet and Bishop of the Mississippi Annual Conference of the UMC see fit to appoint me; it could be anywhere in the state of Mississippi (as of this posting). We can state a preference but it will ultimately be up to how they are led by God as to where we will end up. With that in mind, we are selling our house in Stonewall.

As for how long we will be gone, it will be at least 3 years but possibly 4. It really depends on how long it takes me to finish my degree.

So those are the answers to many of the questions we have been asked about our move. One thing I ask is that you please keep us in your prayers as I make final preparations for the move. Jessica is at Mississippi State finishing her masters degree and I will possibly not see her again until she drives up to Kentucky next Friday (I will leave this coming Monday). Also pray that the sale of our house goes smoothly and that this is one less thing we have to worry about as we transition.

And please, keep in touch! We want to continue sharing our lives with our Mississippi friends and family as we make new memories and friends in Kentucky. We will also be in Mississippi at least twice a year (once during the Summer and once during the holidays) and we would love to see people if at all possible.

This will likely be my final post until we reach Kentucky. So, until then… Grace and peace to you!


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